Etching time and bonding of adhesive systems to dentine of primary teeth


This review the influence of reducing the etching time on the dentine of primary teeth for bonding with etch-and-rinse and self-etching adhesive systems included 8 laboratory studies. The findings suggest that that reductions in acid-etching and primer application did not impact the immediate bond strength.

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Dental bond strength improves with enamel etching


This review of 10 in-vitro studies suggests that bond strength is improved by the use of multi-mode adhesives with prior acid etching only for enamel. This improvement was not seen with mild universal adhesives in dentine.

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Only low-quality evidence to assess effectiveness of bonding for fixed orthodontic appliances

iStock_000002551343XSmall colourful braces on teeth

Fixed banded orthodontic treatment is commonplace not only amongst children by but increasingly in adults.  Being able to successful bond these brackets to the teeth during treatment is a one factor for successful treatment.   The aim of this review was to compare the effects of different dental etchants and different etching techniques for the bonding [read the full story…]