Digital v conventional impressions for implant-supported fixed complete arch prostheses


This review comparing digital scans and conventional impressions for complete arch implant-supported fixed prostheses included 6 RCTs. The findings suggest that digital scans significantly reduce the the time required compared with conventional impressions for complete arch implant-supported prostheses. However, there are only a small number of small studies available with only one of the six included being at low risk of bias.

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Digital or conventional workflow for single implant crown impressions?

Digital impressions
dental impression

Thibault Colloc takes a look at this review comparing digital and conventional workflows for the placement of single crowns on dental implants. Ten studies were included involving 214 patients and 278 crowns.

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Digital impressions- faster or slower than conventional procedures?


In his debut blog Kenny Strain considers a new review which compares the working times for digital versus conventional impressions as well as patient centered outcomes. The review suggest a patient preference for the digital approach.

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