Trends in older people’s perceptions of necessities and deprivation


Jill Manthorpe provides an in-depth commentary on a study looking at trends in older people’s perceptions of poverty, necessity and deprivation, drawing out implications for social care practice and the Care Act 2014.

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Fall in numbers of NHS learning disabilities nurses in England raises concerns


Earlier this year, we posted about the report of the Modernising Learning Disability Nursing Review Group, which explored ways in which access to expert learning disabilities nurses could be assured across the UK. There were a number of recommendations for action and the a UK-wide Steering Group was to be set up to support a [read the full story…]

Increasing demand for speech therapy for parents with learning disabilities


We have posted previously about the evidence relating to support for parents with learning disabilities , with studies suggesting that whilst parents with learning disabilities may experience poorer psychological well-being than parents in the general population, there is evidence that improvements in psychological well-being can be made through improvements in social support. The researcher in [read the full story…]

Congregate services for people with learning disabilities may persist without planned transfer of resources


Yesterday, we posted about the serious case review following the Winterbourne View scandal, which called for Government action to focus on the closure of large specialist assessment and treatment units and the development of local community based alternatives. Today, we look at an Irish study which looked at changes in residential provision over a ten [read the full story…]