Nursing skills in diabetes, recognition and management: are learning disability and mental health nurses health literate?

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People with learning disabilities are more at risk of developing diabetes, but how prepared are learning disability nurses to support them?

Here, Paula Hopes looks at a pre- and post- test evaluation on a one-day workshop focusing on this very issue.

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Health surveillance, prevention and protection activities for people with learning disabilities could be increased

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Health inequalities experienced by people with learning disabilities are well documented in the literature.

Here, in her debut blog, Sarah Richardson looks at the results of a survey of community learning disability nurses regarding their role in implementing public health policies, focusing on health prevention and protection.

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Learning Disability Nursing workforce examples urgently needed for Compassion in Practice consultation

compassion in practice

Following concerns raised by recent investigations into the quality of healthcare of the national nursing strategy, ‘Compassion in Practice’ has set out a vision for nursing based on the 6 ‘C’s of Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment. Action area 5 of the strategy is looking at ensuring right staff with the right skills [read the full story…]

Fall in numbers of NHS learning disabilities nurses in England raises concerns


Earlier this year, we posted about the report of the Modernising Learning Disability Nursing Review Group, which explored ways in which access to expert learning disabilities nurses could be assured across the UK. There were a number of recommendations for action and the a UK-wide Steering Group was to be set up to support a [read the full story…]

Report examines future contribution of learning disability nursing


Part of a broader programme of work looking at the contribution of learning disabilities nursing, the UK Modernising Learning Disabilities Nursing Review was commissioned and led by the Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland on behalf of the chief nursing officers across the UK to consider the  current and future contribution of learning disabilities nursing to [read the full story…]

Learning Disability Nursing task group call on NICE to establish evidence based guidelines for commissioning


In recent years, the number of people training as learning disability nurses has been falling. This report presents some of the issues believed to be at the heart of this and presents some potential solutions. The report includes an analysis of: the difficulties in reliably identifying national supply and demand problems with numbers of student [read the full story…]

Public health nurse home visiting improves outcomes for parents with learning disabilities

Suggestions for future research include developing effective and cost effective models of person centred care, supported living and developing approaches to support family members and carers.

This study evaluated the outcomes of a public health nurse home visiting system for mothers with learning disabilities and for those in a comparison group without learning disabilities. The study authors carried out a secondary analysis of existing family home visiting data using a two-group comparative design.  They looked at 68 (17 for mothers with [read the full story…]

RCN position statement on learning disability nursing

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Learning from the past – setting out the future (PDF): Developing learning disability nursing in the United Kingdom (An RCN position statement on the role of the learning disability nurse). As numbers of children and adults with learning disabilities increase and more people with learning disabilities live into adulthood with a range of complex needs, the [read the full story…]