Class III malocclusion: early treatment with facemask beneficial


This review of the early treatment of class III malocclusion identified 15 studies (9 RCTs, 6 CCTs) providing moderate quality evidence that early treatment with a facemask results in positive improvement for both skeletal and dental effects in the short term.

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Anterior open bite: limited evidence for current treatment approaches


While 22 studies were included in this review of the treatment of anterior open bite, only 3 were RCTs. The RCTs and the other included studies were of low quality and a wide range of treatment approaches and appliances were used. Further high quality trials are needed to guide clinical practice.

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Class II malocclusion: an overview of reviews of functional treatment


This overview brings together 14 systematic reviews of varying quality on a range of appliances for the management of class II malocclusions. There is some evidence of some benefit from some types of appliance but more studies of a higher quality are needed.

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