What influences adherence to exercise programs for older people?


In this blog, Tracey Howe considers a recent systematic review on how people monitor and measure adherence to exercise and if any factors influence people’s adherence to exercise programmes.

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Few trials on improving adherence amongst orthodontic patients


Successful orthodontic treatment requires that the patients to agree with and follow the treatment proposed. This requires the patients to keep appointments, maintaining good oral hygiene, wearing elastics, appliances and avoid damage. The aim of this review was to investigate the effectiveness of interventions to enhance adherence among orthodontic patients aged 12 to 18 years. [read the full story…]

Adherence therapy no more cost-effective than health education for people with schizophrenia


When two interventions are demonstrably equivalent in terms of clinical outcomes, it is unclear which should be provided. One obvious decision rule in this case is to implement the intervention that is least costly and therefore most cost-effective. A recent economic evaluation by Patel and colleagues estimates the cost-effectiveness of adherence therapy for people with [read the full story…]