Insufficient evidence to determine the effect of systemic antibiotics on adults with symptomatic apical periodontitis or acute apical abscess

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The recommended treatment for apical periodontitis or acute apical abscess is removal of the source of inflammation or infection by local, operative measures ie tooth extraction or pulp extirpation possibly in combination with the incision and drainage of any swelling present. Antibiotics are only recommended where there is evidence of spreading infection or systemic symptoms.   [read the full story…]

The prognosis of acute and persistent low-back pain: a meta-analysis

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Low back pain (LBP) is one of the main reasons for people consulting their general practitioner and seeking treatment from a physiotherapist. The provision of accurate advice on the recovery for LBP is an important feature of any consultation, yet there is disagreement as to its prognosis. Therefore, it was with great interest that I [read the full story…]