Right People, Right Questions: new survey on young people’s mental health #youngpeopleMHQ

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Here at the Mental Elf we’re big fans of research that answers the questions important to patients, carers and professionals. That’s why we’re supporting the ‘Right People, Right Questions’ project, which has just launched a new survey.

This collaboration seeks to discover the top 10 research priorities for young people’s mental health. We invite you to take part.

We want to know the difficult questions...

Why is this project important?

1 in 10 young people have mental health issues. And yet, young people’s mental health is underfunded and under-researched. While it is important that more is spent on research, it is vital that limited resources are directed effectively to the questions that matter most to people. By getting together the most important questions about young people’s mental health, we can better direct these limited resources towards tackling the key questions.

The project wants to hear from

  • Young people aged 11-25 with mental health issues,
  • Their parents/carers, or
  • Professionals who are interested in young people’s mental health through their work.

The project is using the James Lind Alliance methodology to gather people’s questions and then work collaboratively to decide which matter the most. Once completed, they will widely publicise the top 10 questions so that researchers and research funders will see which areas of research deserve priority attention.

You can also:

This project is being sponsored by James Lind Alliance and coordinated by the McPin Foundation. The project is co-funded by the McPin Foundation, MQ Mental Health, the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, The Matthew Elvidge Trust and Mental Health Research UK.

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