Worldwide Exercise Flash-Mob 23rd – 29th November 2012


We Elves know that physical activity is beneficial for health and well-being and we also know that sometimes we just don’t do enough of it. Well here is a great opportunity for us all to kick start our activity and also be part of something very big.

The enthusiastic friends of Musculoskeletal Elf in Scotland are are looking to get an Exercise Flash-Mob going on the week of Friday 23rd Nov to Thursday 29th Nov. They want this to be worldwide and get thousands of people to sign up to walking, cycling or running 5kms a day for one week its called 5×50. For added interest, one of the organisers Andy Murray is going to try run 7 Ultra Marathons, on the 7 different continents, in 7 days. For a bit of a laugh here is a trailer for some TV he’s making about the trip.

So go on become part of it 

feet showing global coverage on the soles

Organisers aim to cover the equivalent distance of 5 times round the world.

By running, walking, cycling 5k a day for the 7 days from 23rd to 29th November the organisers aim to cover the equivalent distance of 5 times round the world. It’s not aimed at the fit – it’s about getting everyone involved. Visit the 5×50 website for full information and to join the challenge.

Please pass this onto your friends and colleagues, you can register here and take the Challenge with you – you can even create a team together. You can join The MSK Elf team. Here are  some promotional posters for your workplace! and a 40 sec video explains why. So go on – click that mouse and register.

For those of a more adventurous nature how about a sustained challenge?

Try 30 mins of physical activity per day (on average) for a year Sign up here

For more information on the benefits of exercise

please watch the excellent  15 mins video by Doc Mike Evans 23 1/2 Hrs and spread the word by sharing on facebook or twitter or with friends

The Msk Elf

So what’s stopping you? Join the Musculoskeletal Elves Team (on the 5×50 registration website #TheMSK_Elf) and slip into your Lycra and your trainers and get going but don’t forget to warm up first. We are just off for a quick 5k around the woodland. Happy tweeting to all….

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