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Researchers with learning disabilities get mixed response from GP surgeries when looking at annual health checks

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Earlier this week we posted about some guidance from the Royal College of GPs concerning eye care for people with learning disabilities. This guidance drew attention to the need for GPs to include a check on vision in annual health checks. There is good evidence that health checks work , but also increasingly concerns that [read the full story…]

Women with learning disabilities have limited understanding of breast and cervical screening


Poor health in people with learning disabilities is associated with a number of risk factors, one of which is the lower likelihood of getting timely access to screening services. Previous studies have shown that women with learning disabilities are less likely than those without disabilities to have access to cervical and breast cancer screening services [read the full story…]

Study recommends screening for malnourishment in high risk individuals with learning disability

There are a number of studies that have shown increased prevalence of overweight and obesity in people with learning disabilities. This qualitative study set out to consider the underweight status. The prevalence of underweight is also relatively high in people with learning disabilities, but as the authors state, it is not clear from the literature [read the full story…]

Study finds poor progress towards implementing health checks for people with learning disabilities


Following our posting of the systematic review into the efficacy of annual health checks for people with learning disabilities,¬†this study reports on a project that was run in 2010 by a researcher working with a self-advocacy group in Oxfordshire. The team looked at the implementation of Annual Health Checks for people with learning disabilities in [read the full story…]

Guidance on better health outcomes for commissioners and providers of social care for people with learning disabilities

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Based on the ‘Health Inequalities and People with Learning Disabilities in the UK’ report this document looks at ways to put the evidence base into practice to improve health outcomes for people with learning disabilities. The report looks at what is known about the social determinants of poorer health in people with learning disabilities, increased [read the full story…]

More accessible information needed to improve uptake of mammography by women with learning disabilities

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The uptake for breast mammography remains low for women with learning disabilities, despite a number of policy developments and guidelines in recent years.¬† This study set out to understand better the experiences of women with learning disabilities undergoing breast mammography. The study team worked with four focus groups involving 19 women identified as having a [read the full story…]

First responses by the Criminal Justice system to people with learning disabilities can be improved


The authors of this study look at the way the criminal justice system responds to people with learning disabilities by focusing on the first response to people suspected of a minor offence. They argue that at this early stage, the decisions of all the key players have a significant impact on the journey of the [read the full story…]