Trail suggests no difference in food choices and nutrient intake in older adults with conventional denture or implant-retained overdentures


Evidence suggests that dietary intake and nutritional status of complete denture wearers is poorer than dentate patients of similar age, and implant retained dentures are considered to improve the retention and stability of complete dentures. The aim of this study was to compare dietary intake in edentulous adults with conventional dentures compared with implant-retained dentures.

A convenience sample of 60 subjects ≤76 years of age were randomly allocated into two equal treatment modalities: relined conventional denture (RCD) or converted implant-retained overdenture (IOD). Two-year data incorporating demographics and food avoidance were recorded using a self-administered questionnaire at baseline and regular follow-up intervals. Dietary assessment was undertaken via three unannounced 24-hour dietary recalls, Tuesdays through Fridays, were obtained by telephone approximately 4, 8, and 11 months after treatment. Dietary analyses were based on nutrient values from the Norwegian Food Composition Table.   Demographic data and food avoidance was collected using a questionnaire.

  • Data from 57 patients was analysed (27 in IOD group, 26 in RCD group)
  • 4 patients were excluded because of missing data one patient lost one implant and underwent additional surgery, one patient died, and one patient withdrew from the study
  • There were no statistical differences regarding dietary intake and energy distribution.
  • The IOD group reported significantly less avoidance of certain food items at 3 and 24 months (P < .001), better chewing ability (P < .001), and greater willingness to eat more of some food items (P < .001).

The authors concluded

There were no significant differences regarding food choices and nutrient intake between the IOD and RCD groups. However, the IOD group reported significantly better chewing ability, less food avoidance, and greater willingness to eat more of certain food items.


This is an interesting study on the impact of implant retained dentures on food choices and nutrition and although it does highlight some differences between the groups the sample size is relatively small and may not have been large enough to detect a difference in food choices between the groups.


Gjengedal H, Dahl L, Lavik A, Trovik TA, Berg E, Boe OE, Malde MK. Randomized clinical trial comparing dietary intake in patients with implant-retained overdentures and conventionally relined denture. Int J Prosthodont. 2012 Jul-Aug;25(4):340-7. PubMed PMID: 22720283



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