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Steven Alastair Arthur Macdonald-Hart is a Psychology Lecturer and ABD/PhD candidate through Middlesex University in London. He is currently instructing students in Critical Forensic Psychology while completing his dissertation. The basis of which involves using a mixed-method design to validate and refine a Suicide Intervention First Aid (SIFA) training program for individuals who work with migrants (specifically refugees and asylum seekers) at the community level. In 2019, Steven was asked to present his Ph.D. project at the 30th Annual Conference for the International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP). Additionally, he was invited to lead a special interest resource group for IASP on the Cross-Cultural Differences in Suicide-Related Behaviour. Steven’s research work also includes completing Psychological Autopsies with the British Transport Police. During that time, he collected and analysed data on suicide fatalities on railways across England. That research included identifying and coding life events prior to the suicides and examining all related documents and reports associated with the deaths in order to identify patterns for the purpose of future suicide prevention. In addition to academic and research work, Steven served as an Assistant Psychologist at the National Health Service with Middlesex University Hospital. As the sole psychologist on the Hounslow Liaison Psychiatric Team, he gained clinical experience assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients in the emergency room and in-patient hospital settings. He also completed a critical audit of the hospital’s strategies for accident and emergency response to crisis to provide recommendations for improvement.


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Steven Macdonald-Hart summarises a 10-year follow-up study from the US, which measures the relationship between borderline personality disorder and suicide attempts.

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Suicide prevention gatekeeper training and its long-term efficacy #WSPD2020


In his debut blog for World Suicide Prevention Day 2020, Steven MacDonald-Hart summarises a systematic review that explores the long-term efficacy of suicide prevention gatekeeper training.

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