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Poppy is a final-year Trainee Clinical Psychologist at the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training and Research. Prior to training she completed a PhD in the Oxford Cognitive Approaches to Psychosis Team at the University of Oxford, supervised by Professor Daniel Freeman and Dr Felicity Waite. Poppy’s research focused on treatment development for paranoia, taking an early-stage translational approach, as well as exploring the implementation of virtual reality cognitive therapy onto inpatient mental health services. Alongside her PhD Poppy assisted in the delivery of CBT for psychosis in several randomised controlled trials, including the Feeling Safe Programme and the gameChange virtual reality trial. Mental health policy is also an area of interest to Poppy, and she therefore spent several months on secondment to the mental health policy team of the Department of Health and Social Care during the Covid-19 pandemic. Poppy received a first-class undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Corpus Christ College, University of Oxford.


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Compassion-focused therapy for psychosis: study suggests it’s feasible and acceptable, so what next?


Ellen Iredale and Poppy Brown summarise a case-series study on compassion‐focused therapy for distressing hallucinations and delusions in psychosis, suggesting the potential to benefit people with psychosis.

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Who can you trust? The links between childhood adversity, deprivation and pandemic restrictions in Wales


In her debut blog, Poppy Brown summarises a survey which explores the links between adverse childhood experiences, attitudes towards COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine hesitancy.

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