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I graduated in Psychology from Sigmund Freud University in 2019, and I'm a current student on the MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences at University College London (UCL). I'm doing an internship within the World Health Organisation (WHO) collaborating centre in Nottingham (UK) - The Institute of Mental Health. I also hold an honorary position as a research assistant at the North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT), working on the Research into Antipsychotics Discontinuation And Reduction (RADAR) study. My primary areas of interest are obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, eating disorders (especially binge eating disorder), sexual disorders and the impact of diet and exercise on mental health. I aspire to devote my career to both clinical practice and research.


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Social media peer support groups for OCD and related disorders: helpful or harmful?


In her debut blog, Margherita Zenoni explores a mixed methods survey, which finds that social media support groups may be harmful for some people with OCD or related disorders.

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