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Madeline Katta-Worae is currently studying a Sc in Mental Health Studies at King’s College London at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. She is a mental health and neurodiversity advocate with a focus on intersectionality and minorities identities. Currently she is involved in ORIGIN Research Advisory Group (ORAG) at Oxford University helping in research around online arts and culture in supporting mental health. As well as being part of the Committe of Racial Equity and Diversity at King’s College London (CORED) and involved in the Mind TikTok focus group, she has a passion for mental health, advocacy and outreach using her social media platforms to create conversation. In her spare time Madeline enjoys a range of creative hobbies which include watching cartoons, music, poetry, crochet/sewing and puzzling. Madeline's research interests include women’s mental health, arts and creativity, mental health of minoritised communities, black mental health and neurodivergence.


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How do Black and South Asian women experience perinatal mental health services?


KCL Masters student Madeline Katta-Worae considers a UK qualitative study of perinatal mental health services, which explores the experiences of ethnically minoritised women.

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