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Janhvi writes on Gender and Mental Health by making psychological information accessible through her academic experience. Having recently graduated with an MSc in Mental Health Studies, she is presently working as a Research Worker in King’s College London. Her current research studies revolve around the spectrum of Technology in Psychology, including Virtual Reality, Machine learning in distribution of fake news, and support therapy development on SlowMo2, an inclusive, next-generation digital CBT for psychosis respectively. She has worked as an editor in an art magazine (forbidden verses), has co-written plays in her theatre society in Delhi University, published a fictional novel- Rather Say ‘Argh’ than Express in 2021, and has been published in International Literary Magazines, such as Kitaab Singapore & Feminism in India.


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What is the evidence for ADHD as a risk factor for intimate partner violence or sexual violence?

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In this co-written blog, Vishal Bhavsar and Janhvi Duggal explore a recent systematic review which looks at the relationship between ADHD and exposure to, and perpetration of, intimate partner violence and sexual violence.

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