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After qualifying as a Physiotherapist I specialised in MSK upper limb disorders which led onto an emerging interest in pain physiology/behaviour at inception of Physiotherapy Pain Association. Working in a pain clinic I developed a special interest in stress biology/pain physiology and pain behaviour. I have contributed to PPA and liaised with leading proponents of this integrated approach such as Louis Gifford. Completing my MA in Medical Humanities via Swansea University greatly influenced my understanding of people and the wider aspects of health care. I am interested in the interface of the arts/science divide –where rational science is encouraged but where people are at the heart of the decision making process. Personal interests are photography www.flickr.com/photos/ianstevens, and learning new things! I play Irish flute , enjoy all outdoor activities and being with my family who are into art, music, good food and being with people who like similar things (sometimes in pubs).


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Fear-avoidance beliefs in low back pain


In his debut blog, Ian Stevens discusses a systematic review, conducted to assess the influence of fear-avoidance beliefs on the outcome of various treatments in RCTs in patients with low back pain.

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