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Catherine is a Lecturer in Psychology at Bournemouth University. She is a cyberpsychologist, specialising in social media, health, and qualitative methods. Catherine’s work investigates the digital experiences of stigmatised and/or vulnerable groups, having conducted research with people with dementia, people with eating disorders, carers, and LGBTQ+ populations. She is particularly interested in how technologies can be developed to promote wellbeing and social inclusion. Catherine is also a committee member of the British Psychological Society Cyberpsychology Section. Her interests also include Dementia, Eating disorders, Social media and Online communities.


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Inequalities in accessing dementia care and support during COVID-19

old man and woman with mask looking through window

Catherine Talbot reviews a recent qualitative study on accessing post-diagnostic dementia care before and since COVID-19, which highlights the need to reduce inequalities in dementia care.

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Dementia care during COVID-19: difficult choices for unpaid carers


In her debut blog, Catherine Talbot reviews a recent qualitative study, which explores the decision-making process for receiving paid home care for people with dementia during COVID-19.

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