Azza Elsheikh

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Azza is a student in the MSc Mental Health Studies at King's College London. She is currently working as a PR intern at a non-profit organisation that aims to increase global awareness of mental health issues. Azza is passionate about working with children and has previous work experience as a special educational needs teaching assistant, where she supported individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her interests include social justice and improving access to mental health services in low-income countries, addressing cultural and racial impacts on mental health, child and adolescent mental health, cultural and religious views on mental health, stigma, art and creative interventions. In her free time, Azza enjoys crocheting, reading poetry and visiting art galleries.


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Online psychodrama for dementia: “Zooming” our way towards improvement?


KCL Masters student Azza Elsheikh summarises a recent qualitative study exploring the experiences of online psychodrama for people with dementia.

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