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Anne Marie works as a senior clinical psychologist in a Community Mental Health Team (MHID) for adults with learning disability in Dublin. The MHID Team provides services to adults and older adults with mental health conditions. She is vice chair of the Learning Disability Special Interest Group in the Psychological Society of Ireland. She is currently enrolled on an MSc in RSCI in Healthcare Ethics in Law, and is undertaking a thesis on ‘Reduction of Seclusion and Restraint in a Centre for Adults with Learning Disability and Mental Health Conditions’. Her interests with this service user group include outcome measurement in MHID services, risk assessment and management for adults with learning disability and mental health conditions, psychotherapeutic interventions for adults with learning disability and mental health conditions, and mindfulness for service users and staff supporting them.


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Forensic learning disabilities in-patient services – were there differences in clinical, forensic and treatment outcomes if patients also had autism?


There continues to be debate about the appropriate use of in-patient services for people with learning disabilities and we need to learn as much as possible about routes in, treatment options within and pathways out.

In her debut blog, Anne Marie Scott looks at a paper, which reports on outcomes in relation to people who were inpatients in a forensic unit, In particular the researchers asked if being on the autism spectrum impacted on these outcomes.

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