New Suicide Prevention Strategy published by the Department of Health on World Suicide Prevention Day


The Government have launched their new strategy for reducing the suicide rate and supporting people who are bereaved by suicide. Care Services Minister Norman Lamb will highlight the existing call for research proposals when he launches the strategy today. The strategy has 6 key areas for action: A better understanding of why people take their [read the full story…]

Find out which mental health services have the biggest impact on reducing suicide rates

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Every year in England and Wales, a suicide occurs in roughly one patient for every thousand in mental health treatment. These numbers make it hard to research what mental health service providers can do to prevent further suicides, so it’s encouraging to see a new cross-sectional observational study published in the Lancet with funding from [read the full story…]

Better information sharing can help prevent prison suicides says new report

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Prison staff need to record and share more information about violence and intimidation to improve prisoner safety, said Nigel Newcomen, the new Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO), publishing a report into the impact of intimidation, violence and bullying on those who take their own lives in prison. The report has been produced as a result [read the full story…]