Micro-invasive treatments for proximal caries

shutterstock_54584944  - mixed dentition

Seven RCTs were included in this review of of micro-invasive interventions for non-cavitated proximal caries suggesting that resin infiltration is effective in arresting caries progression.

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Resin infiltration of proximal caries lesions

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9 RCTs were included in this review of resin infiltration for the clinical management of early non-cavitated proximal caries lesions. The findings indicate that resin infiltration when combined with oral hygiene measures was promising and more effective than oral hygiene measures alone.

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Caries: micro- and minimally invasive treatments for pit-and-fissure lesions

occlusal caries, molar teeth

This network meta-analysis included 14 studies (10 RCTs) and suggests that minimally invasive strategies would rank first followed by micro invasive approaches to pit and fissure caries. However, for some comparisons only a few studies are available and then are generally small and with short follow up periods.

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Promising results from minimal intervention approach to proximal caries in young adults.


There is increasing interest in non-surgical approaches to the management of dental caries to preserve tooth structure.  The aim of this study was to compare the effect of infiltrating vs. sealing proximal caries lesions against placebo after 3 years. The study was a split mouth design conducted in young adults in Colombia.  Individuals with 3 [read the full story…]