Ceramic crowns: What type of finish line?


This review of the effect of finish lines on the marginal and internal fit of ceramic crowns included 16 small in-vitro studies suggesting wider marginal gaps with chamfer finish lines.

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Little evidence available on the effect of prosthetic margin placement on the incidence of secondary caries


The placement of prosthetic restoration finish line is the subject of much interest and debate. The aim of this review was to assess the effect of prosthetic margin placement on caries susceptibility of abutment teeth Searches were conducted in PubMed, Embase, Google Scholar, Cochrane Central Register of Database of Systematic reviews, Cochrane Central Register of [read the full story…]

Is there a ‘standard’ biologic width for periodontal health?


When restoring teeth the placement of the margin of the restoration is considered to be important for periodontal health.  This position may be a factor in the initiation or progression of periodontal disease.   Biologic width has been defined as the junctional epithelium and supracrestal connective tissue attachment surrounding every tooth. it is suggested that his [read the full story…]