Calcium phosphate plasma-spray-coated dental implants


This review of calcium phosphate plasma-spray-coated dental implants includes 8 studies of uncertain quality and suggests 71.1 % success in the maxilla and 72.2 % in the mandible after 10 years.

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Little evidence available on the effectiveness of SLA and SLActive dental implants


In recent years a number of variations to implant surfaces have been introduced as it is considered that surface topography has an important role. Modifications have included, sandblasting, acid-etching, grit- blasting, anodisation, discrete calcium-phosphate crystal deposition, coatings with biological molecules and chemical modification. The aim of this review was to assess he survival percentage, clinical [read the full story…]

Limited review suggests no difference in survival rates for calcium phosphate-coated dental implants and non-coated implants


The use of dental implants has become relatively common and systematic reviews have shown good survival rates for a number of implant systems. However, there is a profusion of systems available with a range of surface modifications.  The main aim of this review was to evaluate the long-term survival data of calcium phosphate-coated dental implants [read the full story…]