Anterior mandibular fractures: review suggests lag screws and 1 plate plus an arch bar were superior to 2 miniplates for fixation


This is one of a series of reviews that has looked at postoperative complications following different treatments for mandibular fractures. This review focuses on anterior mandibular fractures with the findings suggesting that lag screws and single miniplate plus an arch bar were superior to 2 miniplates

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Mandibular fractures: review finds that use of a single miniplates reduced postoperative complications


This review looked at which internal fixation method for mandibular fractures resulted in lowest complication rate. 20 studies were included and they found use of 1 miniplate is superior to using 2 ; and the transbuccally placed lateral miniplate was better than one placed on the external oblique ridge

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Review suggests lower complication rates with 3D miniplate fixation of mandibular angle fractures compared with standard miniplates


Mandibular fractures are relatively common and about 12-40% involve the mandibular angle. The use of three-dimensional (3D) strut plates is increasingly being suggested as an alternative to conventional miniplates. The aim of this review was to assess whether there was a difference in clinical outcomes between standard and 3D miniplates in the management of mandibular [read the full story…]