#WalesMHN17 poster competition: vote for best practice in mental health nursing


I’m in Cardiff today for the inaugural All Wales Senior Nurse Advisory Group mental health nursing conference 2017.

You can follow all of the presentations and conversations on Twitter at #WalesMHN17.

I’ll be live tweeting and podcasting with Vanessa Garrity as part of our Beyond The Room work.

Vote for your favourite poster!

The #WalesMHN17 event is all about transforming practice through innovation. One way we’re doing this is by showcasing best practice in mental health nursing across Wales. There are 15 posters on show at the conference and presented here for you today.

Please choose your favourite poster and vote for it at www.menti.com using the code 47802.

  1. Physical health and wellbeing clinics in adult mental health (PDF).
    Kelly Panniers, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Cardiff & Vale UHB
  2. Implementing a recovery focussed group in adult mental health community secondary care (PDF).
    Jamie Hughes, Community Mental Health Nurse
  3. Exploring existential ideas with an older adult experiencing severe depression (PDF).
    Madalaine Watkins, Deputy Ward Manager and Amy Howells, Clinical Psychologist, Cardiff & Vale UHB
  4. Spiritual needs of patients living with dementia addressed within care and treatment plans (PDF).
    Anne Fothergill, Principal Lecturer in Mental Health and Research, University of South Wales
  5. Mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders service – Cwm Taf (PDF).
    Anne Fothergill, Principal Lecturer in Mental Health and Research, University of South Wales
  6. ‘No decision about me without me’ patient report to CPT reviews (PDF).
    Sharon Rees, Ward Manager, ABMU HB
  7. Care home dementia intervention team (PDF).
    Davida Watkins, Nurse Practitioner Dementia Care
  8. Improving recovery through health and wellbeing programmes (PDF).
    Matthew Ingram, Team Leader Cynon CMHT
  9. Working together with families: improving outcomes for people with severe mental health needs (PDF).
    Lynne Garwood, Nurse Consultant & Associate Clinical Director, Cwm Taf UHB
  10. Addressing the mental health needs of older adults in primary care: my experience of setting up a service (PDF).
    Fiona Hughes Karen Smith & Isabelle Hudgell, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB
  11. Review, reflect, respond – Looking back to look forward (PDF).
    Fiona Hughes Karen Smith & Isabelle Hudgell, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB
  12. Ward managers manual (PDF).
    Helen Rogerson, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB
  13. Dementia home treatment plan (PDF).
    Julie Jones, Powys
  14. Improving communication, improving outcome (PDF).
    Sarah Davies, Team Leader, Hywel Dda UHB
  15. Creating a therapeutic culture: development of a DBT service in CTUHB (PDF).
    Michelle Lloyd and Lynne Garwood, DBT Team

If you’ve chosen your favourite poster, please vote for it at www.menti.com using the code 47802.

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FutUndBeidl CC BY 2.0

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