In the Newspapers


In recent weeks an number of dental stories have seen a lot of reporting in the mainstream press.   The Daily Mirror reporting on a potential link between gum disease and dementia with  “Brushing you teeth reduces your risk of dementia”  ; while the BBC reported on  a study reporting the growth of tooth-like structures from urine with the Headline  “New teeth grown from urine” ; and finally the Daily Telegraph reporting on the risks of bone and teeth problems from cheap tea.   A good analysis of the scientific papers behind these stories has been can be found on the Behind the Headlines section of the NHS Choices website.


NHS Choices – Behind the Headlines

NHS Choices – Little proof gum disease causes Alzheimer’s

Daily Mirror – Brushing your teeth reduces your risk of dementia

 NHS Choices –Stem cells extracted for urine used to grow teeth

 BBC – New teeth grown from urine

NHS Choices – Do Fluoride levels in cheap tea pose a health risk

Daily telegraph – Cheap tea ‘raises risk of bone and teeth problems’


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