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Siobhan is a Professor of Mental Health Sciences at Ulster University. Her current research programmes focus on trauma and suicidal behaviour in Northern Ireland (NI) and novel interventions for mental health and suicidal behaviour. Siobhan has expertise in qualitative and quantitative (epidemiology and survey) research methods. She coordinated the largest ever study of mental health in Northern Ireland, which revealed the high proportions of the NI population who had unmet mental health needs and the extent of mental health disorders and suicidal behaviour associated with the NI conflict. Siobhan is also a coordinator of the NI suicide study, a study of the characteristics of completed suicides and undetermined deaths.


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Predicting suicide following self-harm: risk analysis provides little help


Camille Hart, Alys Cole-King and Siobhan O’Neill co-author this blog about a recent systematic review of risk factors and risk scales, which explores the feasibility of predicting suicide following self-harm.

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