Michael Walton

Michael Walton
Michael is a PhD student in the field of Community Health Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. His research interests span the field of mental health as well as a number of other fields in psychology. Currently he is focusing on studying the roles communities play in developing resiliency, through work with different community services in Manchester. He has a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Research Methods in Psychology.


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How to reduce psychiatric readmission in young adults: opportunities and possibilities from the latest interventions

No U turn sign

The successful transition from inpatient to outpatient psychiatric care is an important step along the road to recovery. It can be a difficult and turbulent time for patients, so much so that there is a risk that patients will suffer a relapse of their illness and need to be readmitted into hospital (Herman, Mattke, Somekh [read the full story…]

The cardiovascular safety of dementia medications: a cross national study

Dice with broken heart

Two of the most widely available medicines for dementia in the UK are cholinesterase inhibitors and a N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonists (NHS, 2013).  Both drugs are popular because they have been found to lead to improvements in dementia symptoms (Raina 2008). However, some have raised concerns about the safety for patients. These concerns are partly [read the full story…]

People with disability are more likely to be victims of violence and to suffer mental illness as a result


In the UK over 10 million people live with a disability, many of whom suffer from violence (Department for Working Pensions, 2011). A recent World Report on Disability by WHO (2011) highlighted that people living with disabilities are at  risk from sexual and physical violence. Despite this, little is known about who is at risk [read the full story…]