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Kadra Abdinasir is Associate Director for Children and Young People’s Mental Health at Centre for Mental Health. She leads the Centre’s research and policy in this area to help improve the lives of children and young people. She is also Strategic Lead for the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition, a network of over 260 organisations. Kadra has over a decade of experience working with young people, specialising in youth policy, research and engagement. She is a Youth Board Member for mental health charity Beyond, a Trustee for FORWARD UK, Race on the Agenda, Mental Health Collective and a Fellow of the RSA. Kadra is also an organiser at #CharitySoWhite, a grassroots group seeking to eradicate racism within the charity sector.


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Income inequality and poor mental health: should we be focusing more on young people’s own perceptions?


In her debut elf blog, Kadra Abdinasir from Centre for Mental Health explores the relationship between perceived income inequality, adverse mental health and interpersonal difficulties in UK adolescents.

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