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I graduated from the University of Bristol last year, after completing my BCs in Psychology. Since then, I have worked with vulnerable children in school-settings as a learning support worker and behavioural mentor. I have also assisted in a research project investigating self-harm in young people, and how health-care staff, school staff and other young people can best respond to self-harm. I’m also interested in the topic of drug use and addiction, and have been involved with volunteering in this area. Aside from all of this, I enjoy sports, particularly rock climbing, and art.


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How do friendships influence adolescent self-injurious thoughts and behaviours?


In her debut blog, Bella Brereton writes with Rasanat Fatima Nawaz to summarise a systematic review that explored the associations between self-injurious thoughts and behaviours and school-based friendship networks in adolescents, using sociometric data.

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