Emma Saddleton

Emma Saddleton
Emma is a Research Worker and part-time MSc student at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, with previous clinical experience in secure and forensic services. Her current research is investigating the psychological pathways and risk factors of psychosis in both adults and adolescents. She aspires to be a Clinical Psychologist and future researcher.


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Cochrane review finds limited evidence to support valproate as a maintenance treatment for bipolar disorder


Bipolar disorder is an affective disorder marked by cycles between mania and depression. It has an early onset, with mean age ranging from 19 to 29 (Offord, 2012) and a prevalence of 0.5% – 4.3% in primary care alone, stretching to 9.3% in some settings (Cerimele, Chwastiak, Dodson, & Katon, 2013). With its problematic recurring [read the full story…]