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Chew-Graham is Professor of General Practice Research at Keele University, Honorary Professor of Primary Care Mental Health at Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust and Honorary Professor of Primary Care, University of Manchester. Chew-Graham is also a GP Principal in Central Manchester, Chew-Graham is Chair of Society Academic Primary Care (SAPC), and Chair of RCGP Scientific Foundation Board and RCGP ‘Curriculum Advisor, Mental Health’ and currently chairs the RCGP ‘Research Paper of the Year’ panel. Chew-Graham has experience of working on NICE guidelines, and currently is a member of the NICE Clinical Guideline Development Group Depression (update) and is a Standing member of a NICE Quality Standards Advisory Group - work which directly impacts on commissioning decisions and patient care. Chew-Graham is Section Editor BMC Family Practice and Editor-in-Chief Health Expectations.


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#SmokingAndMentalHealth conversations: NIHR 3 schools webinar

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SmokingAndMentalHealth – Carolyn Chew-Graham summarises the conversations that took place at the Smoking and Mental Health webinar on 28th September 2022.

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