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Anna has graduated from Kingston University with a BSc in Psychology and is currently completing the Mental Health Studies MSc at King’s College London – Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience. She has volunteering experience within community outreach, as well as journalistic/ copywriting experience in writing about women’s health, hormonal health, and mental health. She aims to pursue doctoral studies and become an HCPC accredited psychologist. Areas of interest in research and practice include anxiety disorders, affective disorders, as well as public health. She is also interested in the interconnection between nutrition, hormones, and mental health.


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New Canadian study confirms the excess mortality associated with eating disorders


In her debut blog, Anna Paspala summarises a new study published today in The British Journal of Psychiatry, which suggests that in Ontario, Canada, mortality rates in people with eating disorders were 5-7 times higher than the general population.

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