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Subacromial impingement syndrome effectiveness of physiotherapy and manual therapy


Some of our Elf friends who are regular swimmers have been suffering from sore shoulders. One of them has been diagnosed as having subacromial impingement syndrome (SIS). In this blog, Tracey Howe considers a best evidence review on SIS effectiveness of physiotherapy and manual therapy.

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What is the best management approach for patellofemoral pain?


In this blog, Lesley Dawson considers a mixed methods study, which combined findings from high-quality systematic reviews with clinical reasoning from international clinical experts to produce a best practice guide for clinicians managing patients with patellofemoral pain.

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Biomechanical Effects of Valgus Knee Braces


In her first blog Lynne Rowley, team leader for Orthotics at NHS Forth Valley in Scotland, discusses a new systematic review and meta-analysis examining the biomechanical effects of valgus knee braces in patients with medial compartment osteoarthritis.

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