New report highlights the psychological complexity of obesity

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The British Psychological Society has published a new report about integrating psychological treatments with other interventions for obesity.

The report covers:

  • Obesity in children
  • Weight loss surgery
  • Physical activity and exercise psychology – healthy weight management for adults
  • Exercise for obese individuals
  • Applied psychology and obesity management
  • Pharmacological interventions
  • Psychological interventions for people with BMI>35

Dr Julie Waumsley chaired the working group of clinical, educational, health, counselling and sport and exercise psychologists.  She presented the report by saying:

This comprehensive report offers new insights to help individuals struggling with weight problems and plug gaps not filled by current obesity interventions. It is clear from this report that obesity is a complex issue. If the ‘cure’ was as simple as logic suggests (eat healthily and take regular exercise) there would not be an obesity epidemic blighting the lives of so many and draining NHS resources. Nutritional and sociological factors have received much government and media attention but the psychological approach, often neglected, could make the difference in helping individuals tackle this problem.

Obesity in the UK: A psychological perspective (PDF). British Psychological Society, 2011.

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