What is the longevity of removable prosthodontics?


This rapid technology review of the longevity of removable dental prostheses focused on complete dentures and partial plastic or metal dentures. It included a small number of systematic reviews, which were of limited quality and based on a small number of small studies. While good 5 year survival rates were found, the quality of the evidence means that the findings should be interpreted cautiously.

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More long-term studies needed to assess success of implant treatment provided immediately after tooth extraction

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The main aim  of this systematic review was  to quantitatively estimate the survival and success rates of immediate implants and the implant-supported prosthesis, the prevalence of biological, technical and aesthetic complications, and the magnitude of soft and hard tissue changes following implant placement in fresh extraction sockets. The MEDLINE (PubMed) and the Cochrane library databases [read the full story…]

Success criteria for dental implants

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Success criteria for dental implants were proposed by Albrektsson et al in the 1980s and while osseointegration remains a predominant marker a range of other parameters have been introduced over the years.  The aim of this review was to was to examine the most frequently used criteria to define treatment success in implant dentistry. The [read the full story…]