Patients’ views of routine scale and polish over estimate any clinical benefits


Patients attending for their regular dental check up (usually 6-monthly) are likely to have a ‘scale and polish (oral prophylaxis) as part of that visit.  However, a Cochrane review last updated in 2007 did not find evidence of sufficient quality to reach conclusions as to the benefits or harms or routine scaling and polishing. A [read the full story…]

Study suggests that systemic antibiotics are not necessary for single dental implant placement


The use of systemic antibiotics during dental implant placement has been controversial, with some authors claiming higher survival rates with peri-operative antibiotic use.  The aim of this multi-centre trial was to assess the effect of various systemic antibiotic prophylaxis regimes on patient- reported outcomes and postsurgical complications in patients undergoing conventional implant placement. Following establishment [read the full story…]