Toolkit for GP practices on reasonable adjustments to support people with learning disabilities

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The past few years has seen the publication of a number of national reports which have highlighted the often poor response to people with learning disabilities by health services, (‘Death by Indifference’, ‘Healthcare for all’ ‘Six Lives’ investigation) which led to a number of key recommendations for improvement, including the need for reasonable adjustments in [read the full story…]

New resources published to help people with learning disabilities manage their money

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As more and more people with learning disabilities are accessing ordinary community services and using individual budgets to purchase their own support there is a need to produce good accessible materials. To respond to this challenge, BILD, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities have recently published a range of materials, including written guides and DVDs [read the full story…]

Pregnancy Support Pack can support better interactions between parents with learning disabilities and maternity services

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Access to information about pregnancy is crucial for parents to be. For people with learning disabilities, faced with a variety of new choices to make, this is especially true. However, there is little information currently available about pregnancy for people with learning disabilities. As the number of women with learning disabilities becoming pregnant increases, it [read the full story…]