Obstructive sleep apnoea–Effectiveness of different mandibular advancement devices

Mandibular advancement device

This review of the the effectiveness of different mandibular advancement devices for obstructive sleep apnoea included 50 RCTS. While the findins suggest that mono-bloc MADs are more effective duo-bloc devices the quality of the available evidence is very low.

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Continuous positive airway pressure for obstructive sleep apnoea – ADA-EBD critical summary


Yesterday we look at an ADA-EBD critical summary of a review on maxillomandibular advancement (MMA) surgery. Today we are considering an ADA-EBD summary of a 2009 review of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) by Mcdaid et al. The review included 28 randomised controlled trials (1989 patients) comparing CPAP with controls or dental devices. Both subjective [read the full story…]

Treating obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome with oral appliances results in more short term TMD pain than using CPAP


Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS) affects about 4% of the male and 2% of the female population of North America. Standard treatment is with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) however this has poor adherence in some groups and oral appliance therapy is an alternative therapy. The aim of this trial was to assess variations in [read the full story…]