Learning Disabilities Elf review of 2014

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As the year draws to a close and we elves gear up for some seasonal duties, we take a look at some of the blogs we have published throughout 2014 and welcome some of our new bloggers.

Also, we will be looking for new contributors in 2015, so look out for more news of that in the new year.

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NICE multimorbidity guidance almost excluded people with learning disabilities

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The NICE scoping guidelines on multimorbidity now thankfully include people with learning disabilities. However, the original scoping draft specifically excluded them, despite NHS England and the Department of Health commenting on the first draft.

Here, Pauline Heslop, one of the authors of the Confidential Inquiry report and a key campaigner to get people with learning disabilities included in the scope, talks about some the issues this raises.

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Confidential Inquiry into premature deaths WeLD Nurses tweet chat with authors and the LD Elf


Following our recent post on what has happened since the publication of the CIPOLD Confidential Inquiry report, we joined a tweet chat hosted by WeLDNurses with two of the report’s authors: Pauline Heslop and Matt Hoghton.

It was a really lively hour with some fantastic contributions. Here we present a summary of the comments with some links to information that was mentioned during the chat itself.

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Premature deaths of people with learning disabilities – reflections on Department of Health progress report

DH progress on CIPOLD

The Government progress report on the Confidential Inquiry into Premature Deaths of People with Learning Disabilities was published last week. In this blog, Pauline Heslop and colleagues who wrote the original Confidential Inquiry, reflect on the progress that has been made and what still needs to be done.

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We're failing people with learning disabilities – and they're dying younger


By Pauline Heslop, University of Bristol People with learning disabilities die significantly younger in England and Wales than people without learning disabilities. Men with learning disabilities die 13 years earlier on average and 20 years earlier for women compared to the general population. And people with learning disabilities are two and a half times more [read the full story…]

Confidential Inquiry finds health and social care for people with learning disabilities deficient in a number of ways


The Confidential Inquiry into premature deaths in people with learning disabilities (CIPOLD) was commissioned by the Secretary of State for Health as a result of a recommendation by Jonathan Michael in ‘Healthcare for All’  the report of the Independent Inquiry into access to healthcare for people with learning disabilities. The Confidential Inquiry team were charged [read the full story…]

Findings of confidential inquiry in the deaths of people with learning disabilities ready to publish findings


Our friends at Norah Fry in Bristol who are responsible for carrying out the work on the confidential inquiry into premature death in people with learning disabilities have asked us to let you know that the final report of the study will shortly be available and that there will be two opportunities to hear some [read the full story…]