Receptive communication issues key in small study of adults with profound learning disabilities

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Difficulties  experienced by people with learning disabilities with communication can impact greatly on their ability to have control over their lives. Problems can be with receptive, expressive, or written domains. The researchers in the present study set out to look specifically at the communication difficulties faced by 204 people described as having profound learning disabilities [read the full story…]

Meta-analysis of deinstitutionalisation finds moderate gains in 75% of adaptive behaviour domains.

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The effects of deinstitutionalisation on adaptive behaviour outcomes in people with learning disabilities were examined in this meta analysis of 23 studies. The authors compared the studies using standardised mean effect sizes across 5 demographic, 4 methodological, and 1 outcome variable. The analysis found moderate habilitative gains in 75% of adaptive behaviour domains. Larger effect [read the full story…]