Root caries: review suggests potential benefits from 5000ppm fluoride, chlorhexidine and silver diamine varnishes


The prevalence of root caries is expected to rise and this review looked at a range of agents for non-invasive management. While 30 studies were identified they consider a large number of agents. While the review suggested that 5000ppm fluoride dentifrice was effective the number of available trials for this and the other agent was small and of limited quality.

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Use of higher concentration fluoride toothpaste (5000 ppm F) had a beneficial effect on root caries


The aim of this clinical trial was to test the effectiveness of high-fluoride toothpaste (5000 ppm F) on root caries lesions in adults and to test the hypothesis that high concentration fluoride tooth- paste would effectively improve the surface hard- ness in root caries lesions in adult patients. Adult patients (18-75yrs) with 10 or more [read the full story…]