ADA-EBD summary on short dental implants

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This critical summary form the American –Dental Association-Centre for Evidence-based Dentistry looks at a 2011 review by Sun et al .

The commentator feels that there was a lack of focus to the question under consideration and that the search strategy was limited. There were also some concerns about  whether the potential for publication had been addressed and other methodological issues.  While 35 studies were included in the review, there were no randomised controlled trials.

The appraiser considered that

The limited quality and quantity of evidence presented in this systematic review regarding short dental implants should be cautiously considered when planning the use of short dental implants in a patient’s rehabilitation.


There is much interest in the use of short dental implant for rehabilitation and a number of related reviews have been published links to a number of these can be found in my blog of the 4th Feb 2013.


ADA-EBD Summary – Short Dental Implants: factors influencing failure

Sun HL, Huang C, Wu YR, Shi B. Failure rates of short (≤ 10 mm) dental implants and factors influencing their failure: a systematic review. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2011 Jul-Aug;26(4):816-25. Review. PubMed PMID: 21841992.

Dental Elf 4th Feb 2013  – Critical summary from the ADA-EBD


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