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Hanzla is a Senior House Officer, who works as a CT1 Non trainee for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust in South East London. Her goal is to become a psychiatry trainee and work within the areas of Early Intervention Psychosis (EIP) and suicide prevention. In addition to her medical degree, Hanzla also holds a BSc degree along with two publications in Indo-American Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Her interests include suicide awareness, esketamine for unipolar depression with suicidal ideation or behaviour, and the impact of the global pandemic on the health care workers.


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Suicide awareness materials: do they help people with suicidal ideation?


Hanzla Amir and Derek Tracy summarise a recent online randomised controlled trial on the effects of suicide awareness materials on people who feel suicidal, which finds that the Papageno effect is real and that stories of hope and recovery can help.

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