Re-opening of dental services: A rapid review of international sources -update

This paper is not a systematic review. It is a carefully considered review of key literature from one expert’s perspective and is therefore prone to bias.

Mark-Steven Howe looks at this update of a rapid review of internationssl recommendations for re-opening of dental services published just 10 days after the first review and including a further 5 international guidelines.

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Review of the effectivess of latex and non-latex disposable gloves

Picture of a hand wearing a surgical glove and making a thumbs-up sign

A new review by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) summarises the evidence for different types of glove in surgical settings. The review concludes that latex gloves may be more resistant to punctures than non-latex gloves in the surgical setting. Vinyl gloves are permeable to chemotherapy and are not suitable for [read the full story…]