Palatal plate therapy indicated in severe cases of orofacial dysfunction but only as part of holistic multi-disciplinary management


We recently posted about the findings of a review of the literature relating to orofacial regulation therapy which concluded that whilst the results of published studies inferred significant positive impacts, there was a need for larger multi-centre research to produce more statistically significant and valid results. Given these findings, this paper looked in more detail [read the full story…]

Orofacial regulation therapy has positive impact but evidence base needs more robust studies

People with Down syndrome often have orofacial difficulties (a term that relates to the mouth and face) which can affect speech, swallowing and dental health. The Journal of Disability and Oral Health has recently published two reviews looking at this issue. The first looked at Orofacial regulation therapy (OFRT), developed in the 1970s by Castillo-Morales, [read the full story…]