Cognitive behavioural therapy successful in treating erotomania in individual with learning disability

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Erotomania, sometimes known as ‘de Clerambault’s syndrome’ is a rare disorder, classified under the group of delusional disorders, where a person wrongly believes another person is in love with them. The object of the delusion is often a person of higher social status. The person with the disorder will make advances to the object of [read the full story…]

Video review could help people with learning disabilities describe experiences of cognitive behaviour therapy

shutterstock_6153463 group therapy circle of empty chairs

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a tallking therapy which aims to help people to solve problems through a systematic goal-oriented process. existing NICE guidelines recommend CBT for a number of mental health issues. A recent review of the evidence on the potential of CBT as a treatment option for people with learning disabilities (Taylor et [read the full story…]

Therapists working with people with learning disabilities should allow time for reflection and consideration of alternative interpretations


The authors of this study used a cognitive-emotive interview with 19 subjects with learning disabilities and 19 matched subjects without a learning disability. The authors set out to compare how people with and without learning disabilities talked about events, beliefs and emotions in dialogues which covered real-life, specific emotive events and as part of a [read the full story…]