Amelogenesis imperfecta: study suggests good outcomes from crown therapy


This small trial found no difference between either Procera or IPS e.max Press crown in amelogenesis imperfecta patients in the short term. The survival rate at 2 years was 97% with only 3% of teeth suffering with endodontic complications.

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No trails available on best restorative treatments for amelogenesis imperfecta


Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a genetic disorder that presents as an abnormal formation of enamel. AI can have a range of inheritance patterns and the exact incidence is uncertain with estimates ranging from 1:700  to 1:12-14,000. Clinically, AI can be classified into four categories: hypoplastic (type I), hypomaturation (type II), hypocalcified (type III), and hypomature [read the full story…]