What was the best mental health research paper published in 2019? #MentalElfAwards

Mental Elf Awards

Today we are publishing the 2,000th blog on the Mental Elf and we’re celebrating by announcing the brand new #MentalElfAwards, which recognise excellence in mental health research.

Mental health research can have a huge positive impact on people’s lives, but it’s not just about the research itself, it’s also about disseminating and implementing the evidence. The #MentalElfAwards honour mental health research, researchers and those who communicate research findings in the real world.

We’ll be announcing 6 award categories over the next 6 weeks and we want you to nominate your favourites in each of them. We’ll then be having a public vote to decide who wins the awards and we’ll announce the winners at a special online ceremony later in the year.

Excited? So are we!

Mental health research paper (published in 2019) most likely to have an impact

Millions of new research papers are published every year, but how many will actually have a positive impact on the lives of patients or help us take a significant step forward in our understanding of mental health and wellbeing?

Nominate now!

We want you to nominate one paper published in 2019 that you feel has the best chance of moving science forward and improving the lives of people living with mental health difficulties. You can’t nominate your own papers, but you can nominate work by colleagues, as long as you weren’t directly involved in the research project or paper.

Share your news

Once you’ve nominated, why not go on Twitter and tell your chums all about it? Tweet this (or something like it):

I’ve just nominated my favourite mental health research paper of 2019 in the #MentalElfAwards. It’s a paper on dogs and loneliness by @ProfPiehead. Why don’t you nominate the paper that you think will have the most impact? https://elfi.sh/awards19-paper

There are thousands of mental health research papers published every year, so please help us choose the most deserving for the #MentalElfAwards

There are thousands of mental health research papers published every year, so please help us choose the most deserving for the #MentalElfAwards

More nomination categories coming soon!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing 5 more categories that you can nominate in, so look out for those. You never know, maybe you’ll be the recipient of one of our inaugural #MentalElfAwards later in the year!

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